Thursday, January 8, 2009

And From on the Mount, President Change Issued the Decree...and the People Got Their TV

It's been a busy day! This will hopefully be the last for today but I guess President Change wants to delay the Digital TV changeover coming next month because not everyone has the precious government-issued coupon to help pay for the converter box. In fact the coupons are out and the agency in charge of issuing them is asking for a ridiculous bailout. My question is, why delay the changeover? These people without the oh-so-wonderful coupon....don't they have the money? The converter boxes are between $40 and $80. The public has had three years of warning time for this. So why in the world couldn't these people in need of the heavenly coupon have done something smart like....hmmm, I don't know.....saved for the converter box?! Let's say they had three years' notice. At $80 (the max price) for the box, they could have saved a whopping $2.25 a month for the five years and still had about 60 cents left over afterward to buy a soda. A COUPON???? COME ON PEOPLE!!!

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