Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Clinton Free Ride, er....Confirmation

Well, happy days are here again! The world's all right and everyone can just have a big group hug. If you are listening to the farce that is Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearing then you've probably heard the same kumbaya garbage I have:

1) According to John Kerry we need to have ambassadors and embassies in places like Syria and Iran! I suppose that opens up places like Cuba and North Korea, too right?
2) Listening to Hillary, she's talking growing the State Department budget, expanding other agencies and basically expanding the federal government.
3) Why is Hillary, the potential Secretary of the State, talking about troop withdrawals and military issues in Iraq? She needs to stay in her lane and leave the military business to Gates.
4) Russ Feingold is a joke. He "had some questions regarding Bill Clinton's foundation but he would simply submit those questions to the record" rather than ask them out loud in public!

This whole hearing is a joke, and it's still going. Just a dog and pony show to make the public feel like the confirmation panel is doing their job. Why don't they just let her go and set up a game of Scrabble with Hugo Chavez because that's what she sounds like she's going to be doing with all of our enemies. Hooray for 'SMART POWER!'

What a joke.

Friday, January 9, 2009

That Original Bailout Keeps Changing

Remember that magical bailout.....the one for Wall Street? $700 billion. That figure ought to remind everyone WHICH bailout I am talking about. Well, seems like Team Obama's shifting gears for the second $350 billion handout...er, I mean, the other half of that bailout. Seems Wall Street won't be the only recipients. Towns, small businesses, homeowners, and consumers! WOW!! Seems like a great idea....but wait.....wasn't that money reserved for banking and the financial sector for loans and such? Then why move that money around? And Obama's economic genius wants to establish government ownership into businesses and firms that get these funds. Good times for all. Oh! And you know it'll be great when the super-genius Barney Frank's plans are matching Team Change's.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

And From on the Mount, President Change Issued the Decree...and the People Got Their TV

It's been a busy day! This will hopefully be the last for today but I guess President Change wants to delay the Digital TV changeover coming next month because not everyone has the precious government-issued coupon to help pay for the converter box. In fact the coupons are out and the agency in charge of issuing them is asking for a ridiculous bailout. My question is, why delay the changeover? These people without the oh-so-wonderful coupon....don't they have the money? The converter boxes are between $40 and $80. The public has had three years of warning time for this. So why in the world couldn't these people in need of the heavenly coupon have done something smart like....hmmm, I don't know.....saved for the converter box?! Let's say they had three years' notice. At $80 (the max price) for the box, they could have saved a whopping $2.25 a month for the five years and still had about 60 cents left over afterward to buy a soda. A COUPON???? COME ON PEOPLE!!!

Said It Before: McConnell's Spineless and Needs to Go!

Senator Mitch McConnell's a wreck and leading the Republicans right over the cliff with him.

Feburary 16th: The Day We Sell Off Our Children's Futures

Wheee!! House Speaker Pelosi, and her band of hooligan Democrats, pledged to get the almighty stimulus package back to President Change by February 16th. That's the day we can all log into the history books when we dumped $1 trillion into roads and sidewalks and got nothing in return. Oh! And make sure over breakfast that day to tell you kids "you're welcome" because of the giant package of garbage that we are setting up for them to pay for in about 10 years. Good times all, and it'll only get better after January 20th! Yippeee!!!

PS- Michelle Malkin has named this non-stimulating stimulus package the best by far: The Generational Theft Act of 2009.

Hope and Change, people. Hope and Change.

Liberal Bias Against Israel? SHOCKING!!!!

It is not unthinkable to see the liberal media bias against Israel's current action against Hamas terrorist thugs in the Gaza Strip. I just saw this headline, which somehow implies that Israel randomly killed a truck driver for the UN and that there were NUMEROUS schools attacked by the Israeli army. Well, read through it and see that it was the same solitary school building that was attacked and only the briefest of mentions of the fact that Hamas idiots were using the school building as a launch site for rockets and mortar attacks on Israeli sites. Never mind that the truck driver death was an accident. Never mind that Hamas uses human shields such as schools and hospitals and mosques from which to launch their THOUSANDS of rocket attacks. Nope. Not important to the almighty MSNBC (leftist arm of the media machine and unofficial spokesman of President Change). Nope.....all they care about are the multiple school attacks and innocent UN worker deaths. And shockingly, the UN blames Israel! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Really? The UN blamed Israel?? What next? Keith Olbermann will slam Bush and worship Obama? Unbelievable. People.....do your research on the Israel/Hamas relationship. The headlines will mislead you, but once you do your homework, you'll see that Israel is using high restraint in its actions and that Hamas is a terror group plain and simple. Terror groups elected to office are still terror groups. And Lebanon (I mean, Hezbollah)....they are just asking to get flattened. And I welcome it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Will the Real GOP Stand Up?

Enough! Mitch McConnell has got to be one of the weakest Republicans to ever hold a leadership position in the US Senate. The fact that he's considering having Republicans support Obama's absurd "stimulus" plan shows his willingness to just buy into the Socialist crap that seems to be growing at an insane rate since those magical November election results. I've HAD IT! If the Republicans just roll over and embrace this then I guess I'll just grab my copy of the Communist Manifesto and brush up on calling my friends 'comrade' instead. %^&$!!! GOP....show some backbone for pete's sake!!