Thursday, January 8, 2009

Liberal Bias Against Israel? SHOCKING!!!!

It is not unthinkable to see the liberal media bias against Israel's current action against Hamas terrorist thugs in the Gaza Strip. I just saw this headline, which somehow implies that Israel randomly killed a truck driver for the UN and that there were NUMEROUS schools attacked by the Israeli army. Well, read through it and see that it was the same solitary school building that was attacked and only the briefest of mentions of the fact that Hamas idiots were using the school building as a launch site for rockets and mortar attacks on Israeli sites. Never mind that the truck driver death was an accident. Never mind that Hamas uses human shields such as schools and hospitals and mosques from which to launch their THOUSANDS of rocket attacks. Nope. Not important to the almighty MSNBC (leftist arm of the media machine and unofficial spokesman of President Change). Nope.....all they care about are the multiple school attacks and innocent UN worker deaths. And shockingly, the UN blames Israel! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Really? The UN blamed Israel?? What next? Keith Olbermann will slam Bush and worship Obama? Unbelievable. your research on the Israel/Hamas relationship. The headlines will mislead you, but once you do your homework, you'll see that Israel is using high restraint in its actions and that Hamas is a terror group plain and simple. Terror groups elected to office are still terror groups. And Lebanon (I mean, Hezbollah)....they are just asking to get flattened. And I welcome it.

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Anonymous said...

If you have followed the news that comes from that area at all, and have any kind of package hanging between your legs than you would side with the Israelis even with the media bias. They are getting rockets fired at them daily by these people. I have heard the argument that well these are antiques rockets and they can't do much damage anyway so Israel shouldn't retaliate. If these rockets are so weak lets test this theory by launching a few hundred of them at this dipshits neighborhood. Undoubtedly one of the dumbest arguments I have ever heard!