Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Clinton Free Ride, er....Confirmation

Well, happy days are here again! The world's all right and everyone can just have a big group hug. If you are listening to the farce that is Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearing then you've probably heard the same kumbaya garbage I have:

1) According to John Kerry we need to have ambassadors and embassies in places like Syria and Iran! I suppose that opens up places like Cuba and North Korea, too right?
2) Listening to Hillary, she's talking growing the State Department budget, expanding other agencies and basically expanding the federal government.
3) Why is Hillary, the potential Secretary of the State, talking about troop withdrawals and military issues in Iraq? She needs to stay in her lane and leave the military business to Gates.
4) Russ Feingold is a joke. He "had some questions regarding Bill Clinton's foundation but he would simply submit those questions to the record" rather than ask them out loud in public!

This whole hearing is a joke, and it's still going. Just a dog and pony show to make the public feel like the confirmation panel is doing their job. Why don't they just let her go and set up a game of Scrabble with Hugo Chavez because that's what she sounds like she's going to be doing with all of our enemies. Hooray for 'SMART POWER!'

What a joke.

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Anonymous said...

Jon-boy, why would Clinton's confirmation hearings be anything more than a farce? Her cronies are in power, and regardless how much people like you and I gripe about it, the sheeple of America will no-doubt just lap it up and ask for more.