Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Letter to Senator Harry Reid

I sent the following to Senator Harry Reid this morning. What do you think?

Dear Senator Reid,
I am a constituent of yours and have a question in regard to this horrible auto bailout. Why should they get the money? Are they too big to fail? Too many would be affected by them not getting a band-aid to their wound that requires more internal work? Well let me ask you this and I WANT AN ANSWER!
I am currently in financial hardship. I run into the red nearly every paycheck due to bills, college loans, and car payments. I am married and have a son. They depend on me to make money and stay afloat financially. I have worked hard to finish college and get a sound job but am just a bit behind in paying my bills, but the outlook is not so good for next year. I am requesting from the you and the federal government a small bailout, or a bridge loan, to cover us for an indeterminate amount of time. Just a small amount, maybe $15,000 total, and we would be able to pay our bills and get out of the crisis we are in. I am simply too big to fail, sir. My wife and son will suffer if I cannot get this loan and the banks, well they won't extend the necessary credit to help us. I can look at my spending and report back to you next year to show progress, but without this loan, my family will not be able to compete and make it into the next year. We would need this $15,000 as soon as possible as our funds may not last. Now, will you grant me and my family this bailout so we can survive this current economic storm? No? Why not? Are you really going to sit there and tell me that three failing auto companies are worth more than my family? Worth more than my family's well-being? Are you saying we don't contribute as much? Well, we may not have employees and produce cars, but we purchase goods and pay taxes. We may not have lobbyists that contribute to your campaign but we buy gas, and pay our utilities. And we may not have some union backing, we have the support of our families and friends.
So what makes these companies more important than the hardworking families in YOUR state and across America? I guess it just comes down to money and favors owed to some union in Michigan, right? And that is the problem. My son will be paying for this mess years down the road because somewhere along the way, you, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and the others lost your commitment to the American people and sold your souls to the lobbyists and the unions. If you took ten seconds to think you'd realize that if the people of this country could get that $15 billion or whatever the REAL amount is, we'd be able to pay bills, and purchase goods and drive the economy. This bailout is a bad idea and Chapter 11 was created for ALL companies, NOT just some with the exception the auto companies. Use your common sense and vote against this bailout. And in case you couldn't tell, I do hold the value of my family far higher than three non-competitive car companies. And I know I'm not alone in this sentiment.

Jonathan Sherwood (an American not worthy of a bailout)

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