Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wow.....Nevada Has One Smart Senator! UPDATED

Every state has two Senators (well, in the case of Illinois, it maybe upwards of five, depending on what the Governor gets in return). In the case of Nevada , we have one smart one and one that....well, he's got his own thing going on. Senator Harry Reid, our infamous Senate Majority Leader has cruised for years in Washington, and he shows up here enough to run re-election and ensure that everyone knows he's from the tiny town of Searchlight, Nevada. I'll never forget the period in 2003 when Republicans were asking for a straight up or down vote on judicial nominees and I turned on the TV to see Harry Reid reading about the history of the bicycle. It made my stomach turn seeing him in complete "inaction."

We also have Senator John Ensign, a Republican who has worked over the years in the Senate. He's well-spoken, capable, and knows how things work in Washington.

Now, in this critical economic period, we have one Senator more than eager to bailout the failing three from Detroit and any other company who wanders up Capitol Hill. And we have another Senator who's saying enough is enough. John Ensign came out today and spoke out against the bailout and I applaud him for that. Hopefully him, Senator Shelby, Senator Corker, and others can work together to push this awful bailout into the ground. It's nice to see one of our elected officials doing the right thing rather than feeling sorry for companies that deserve to go bankrupt.
Senator Ensign has support for a filibuster and I wish these men well. Write your Congressmen and women and let them know that you support this!

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