Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So the Bailout Passed the House, Time for the Senate to Stop It

Unbelievable. The House passed that bailout to the auto industry. But what's even more shocking is that 32 so-called Republicans voted for it. Michelle Malkin's blog post covers this in more detail and calls out those who voted for it and shows some of the reasons why....and some of those reasons are pathetic. But now it's time for it to head to the Senate. Time for the Republicans there to shut this thing down. As it was stated earlier today.....don't come ask for money without answers to how things will change. That isn't how it works. And for those say it isn't fair to give it to the banks and say no to the auto industry....well, when is enough enough? As I said in a previous post, if that's the guiding mentality, why not just give bailouts to everyone?

And to those in the Senate, Rush Limbaugh nailed it....if you can't stand up to this, you won't be able to stand up to anything in the next four years. Go, Senate GOP!

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